15th September Memories of Russia as a Romanov? Family Photo shoot

Memories of Russia as a Romanov?  

Whist (arguably) it is still summer, we are organising a Professional Photo session in Russian traditional costumes for the family.  What better way to create a timeless memory of your time in Russia than by re-creating an iconic picture of one of Tsarist Russia’s loved leaders like Nicholas II and Alexandra? Your family can be dressed in period costumes

Location: Kolomenskoe Park with the backdrop of Alexei Mikhailovich Wooden Palace.

The costumes need to be selected in advance. I will need to know your size and I will send you the pictures of costumes available.

We will provide costumes, make-up artist, the photo session with a professional photographer. The pictures will be ready in the next 15 days after the event.

Other costume options are available (Catherine the Great, Peter the Great ect)

If you are interested, but the date doesn’t work for you, please let me know and we can select a different date/location ect.

This might be an idea for an original Birthday present 😊