16 March Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-27 flight simulator

It is not often that truly unique opportunity comes along but in this instance, we have one for you.

The Aviators Restaurant, in the middle of Moscow city, offers much more than just excellent food, drink and a great venue to share good times with friends.

Sat behind a glass wall is a genuine Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-27 flight simulator, direct from the SU-27 OCU squadron and now ready for use by amateur aircraft enthusiasts – with suitable training on hand from SU-27 aviators.  The flight example

We meet on the 16th of March at 19.15 h by the exit from Taganskaya metro station (brown line)

Cost: 4500 rub per person (covers a complex dinner at the restaurant, a 15-minutes flight at the real SU-27 military flight simulator. You get a personal instructor who will teach you to fly. Your friends/colleagues can watch you flying on the big screens on the walls. In the end you get a DVD with your flight video)

*If you are interested please confirm by the 11th of March