1st September History comes live to Borodino

In September, thousands of military history fans flock to Borodino, to watch a re-816692enactment of one of the greatest battles ever fought by the Imperial Russian army. In September 1812, French and Russian forces clashed there in what became the bloodiest single battle of the Napoleonic Wars. But like Waterloo for the British, or Gettysburg for Americans, Borodino became a signature battle that had crushed Napoleon»s campaign in Russia.

Enthusiasts are drawn to re-enactments by the button perfect uniforms, the neat formations firing at each other from close quarters, and the chivalry of officers from the period. Yuri Klepnikov, (photo) Yuriexplains those who take part often lead very ordinary lives he has a day job as an office manager. But at Borodino field he is a hardy ranger. He found out about re-enactments more than 20 years ago, but his dream of taking part only came true eight years ago. Nobody has ever made fun of me, my friends are intelligent enough to understand why I do this», says Yuri.

Re-enactments are an expensive hobby. The tall hats, known as shakos, cost around $US 500. The uniform has a price tag of nearly $US 1,000. Even the sword knots can cost $US 100. To get fully kitted out, even as an infantry man of the lowest rank, can set you back more than $US 3,500 but for reenactment fans, it’s money well spent. They are back every year, wearing their uniforms, to re-live history once again.

Cost: 5500 rub adults, 3800 rub for children under 14 years old 

We are going to travel on a mini van to the event. Please also note that it is a kilometre walk from the parking, as no transport is allowed to come right to the place.

  • Please confirm your interest by the 22nd August