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Visit to jewellery box production

Visit to jewellery box production Russia is world famous for its unique handicraft. The inhabitants of Fedoskino village, located in the Moscow area, preserve the ancient traditions. Fedoskino jewelry boxes, along with Matreshkas, are amongst the most popular Russian souvenirs. … read more →

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Tanks, Planes and Cars Museum

Tour: Tanks, Planes and Cars, Motorbikes and more ….. An ultimate museum for all men, boys and others interested in technical stuff…. This is a private collection belonging to a Russian oligarch. The museum has over 500 exhibits. Tanks, aircrafts, cars, … read more →

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Publishing House

Clandestine Bolshevik1905-1906 This is one of the most unusual museums of Moscow. During the First Russian revolution they produced illegal handouts and a social-democratic newspaper. The museum opened in 1924 and was created by people who used to work there. … read more →

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Mosfilm studio visit

Moscow Hollywood! One of the biggest film-making studios in Russia and in the world! Studio tour. Tour the first and largest movie studio in Russia and Europe. On the tour you will see film sets, a collection of unique carriages … read more →

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Mayakovsky Museum

Mayakovsky was an extroverted, bright and talented Soviet poet. Everyone knows his name,although the public attitude to his works can be quite ambiguous. His literary career began in Butirskaya prison where he was incarcerated for joining the Bolshevik party and … read more →

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Lenin Rolls advert

Gorky Leninskye or Lenin’s Dacha as many people know it is one of the very few country estates that has managed to preserve its’ original interiors. Together with its unique architecture and exciting history this place has always gener ated … read more →

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Gulag Museum

This museum tells us about the darkest times in Soviet history. Work (or Labour) Camps were created to break the will and keep under control those whose thoughts differed from the state ideology. However, the fight with free-thinkers was not … read more →

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FSB Border Guard Museum

The museum was founded in 1914 in St Petersburg and was transferred to Moscow in 1932. The museum aims to explain people about the border guard service. You will learn how the territory of the Russian Federation changed in time … read more →

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Сartoon museum

When we first visit the Cartoon Museum we will see an exhibition devoted to the history of the entertainment industry. The Moscow Entertainment Museum guide will explain the secrets behind the creation of classic and modern cartoons. After that we … read more →

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Chocolate Factory

This is a great opportunity to try famous Russian chocolates and to visit the renowned chocolate factory. The museum opened in 1994 and attracts more and more visitors every year, which is not surprising. So many people love chocolate! Krasny … read more →

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