30 October Petrovsky Travel Palace

The Petrovsky Travel Palace was built at the end of the 18th century by order of Catherine II, by architect Matvey Kazakov, in the best traditions of romantic neo-Gothic style. The palace was erected as a place to stop and have a rest for the imperial family and the accompanying retinue before entering Moscow after a long journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Hence its name — «travel palace.» (literal translation from Russian)

During the war of 1812, the headquarters of Napoleon Bonaparte was located in the Petrovsky Travel Palace. It was from here that he watched the city that did not submit to him burn. The palace, ravaged after Napoleon’s retreat, was rebuilt under Emperor Nicholas I. In 1896, during the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, there was a notorious in Russian history situation on the Khodynsky field, located opposite the palace, many people died. The authorities decided to distribute gifts to people celebrating the coronation and unfortunately people were to eager to get those things, too many people who were fighting and it was too crowded so many people just were walked upon. Many saw it as a bad sign for the rule of the new Emperor.  After the 1917 revolution, the Palace changed ownership many times. It belonged to the Red Aviation Museum  and later the Air Force Academy was located here. In 1999, this monument of history and architecture was returned to the city. A full-scale restoration began in the Palace, which lasted ten years. Now the Petrovsky Travel Palace is the House of Receptions of the Moscow City Hall and, as in previous times, receives guests of the highest level, which is its main function. Thus, this is not a Museum and a tour here is an exception rather than a rule.

So, don’t miss the opportunity!

Cost: 2500 rub per person