6 December Museum of Chocolate

This is an off the beaten path museum in the heart of Moscow, and though its exhibits have been gathered all over the world and some of them are dated as far as the pre-Columbian times, when only the Aztec warriors were allowed to drink chocolate, this place would  be particularly interesting  for those who would like to take a closer look at the Russian chocolate tradition.

The main exhibition consists of unopened chocolate bars, boxes and decorative packaging of popular  Imperial and Soviet chocolate. Famous Russian and foreign artists took part in creating the majority of designs, which are now valued as pieces of art.

A chocolate gift shop and a studio are located near the entrance to the museum. The gift shop offers a variety of handmade chocolate candies, bars and figures, produced locally and entirely out of natural components. And during master-classes in the studio each visitor, guided by a professional chocolatier, can make his own chocolate masterpiece!

When: we meet at 12.45h outside Mayakovskaya Metro Station (on the side of the Mayakovsky Monument and Satire Theatre)

Cost: 1500 rub adults, 750 rub for children