Adygea trip 3 to 7 days options

Day 1 Lagonaki plateau

Lagonaki plateau, at an altitude of 1800-2000m.  The plateau is covered with alpine meadows with snowfields.

During the day you will visit 3 observation points.

-The “Island of Love”, an 800 metres walk through a beautiful forest to a rocky cliff

-The rock of Utug with the view towards Lago-Naki mountain chain

-Observation point by Bolshaiya Azizskaya Cave  500 metres walk one way. You will also visit Bolshaya Azishskaya cave.  The age of the cave is 2 million years.

And a more active version of the trip with the actual walk over Lago-Naki plateau, through a state natural reserve. It’s a 6km walk to karst potholes, filled with snow and an amazing panoramic view.

Day 2

We go over a bridge to visit 4 waterfalls at Rufbago river, the length of the trek is 4 km (3h) Rufabgo river canyon looks like Jurassic period park, with fern and huge rocks covered with moss.

Khadzhogskaya gorge (picture to the right, beautiful in autumn colours), canyon of Belaya river, 500 metres. The river in this particular part is squeezed by the rocks on both sides and will impress you with its sheer force.

Caucasus bears live here. The length of the walk is 1,5 km.

Day 3

Saint Mikael Monastery and a walk to a spring with natural healing powers at the top of Fiziabgo mountain ( 3 km walk, around 1h)

You will see a church dating back to the end of the 19th century, have an opportunity to ring the bells and visit an underground monastery (more than 300 steps down!)

And don’t forget about the yummy monastery pancakes! 😉 3h for the monastery visit.

Cable car to the Una-Cos ridge. From the height of 450 metres we go to 900 metres height. You will make a wish in the Cave of Wishes and see grottoes and caves that were inhabited by people during the Bronze Age.  The ridge offers a view of the Caucasus Mountains. The duration of walk at the ridge is 2h.