Baikal Trip 23 Feb evening flight-28 Feb morning flight back

During the tour you will be introduced to the famous attractions of Baikal. In Lisvyanka you will plunge into the atmosphere of a small resort town with its views of snowy mountain peaks and ice-rocks, as well as enjoy the wooden architecture of Irkutsk.

Day 1  ( 24 Feb)

There is a 6h difference in time with Irkutsk. You will fly out of Moscow in the evening of the 23rd and you will land in Irkutsk the next morning, at 7.30h.

Meeting at  the airport with a sing.

City tour

Today you’ll have the city tour of Irkutsk (2,5 -3 hours)

— Historical center with churches, monument to the founders of the city, Polish Church, Moscow Gate
— Merchant street with ancient wooden houses
— The monastery with graves of Decembrists, monument to Shelikhov, founder of Russian America

— Lacy house — the most beautiful wooden house of Irkutsk
— Karl Marx Street with late 19th century stone buildings
— Monument to Alexander III, Upper Embankment of Angara
— Cozy wooden 130 quarter with shops and restaurant

Lunch at local café with tasty Siberian food.

Free time to rest and replenish your forces after the overnight flight.

Your guide will recommend you a restaurant for dinner according to your preferences.

Day 2 (25 Feb)

Excursion in Lisvyanka (7 hours), located 70 km from Irkutsk.

— Fish and souvenir market, where you can try the Baikal delicacy – omul
— Lunch at local café with tasty local delicacy – omul fish

— Cable car to the stone of Chersky with a viewpoint to Baikal and the source of Angara

— Excursion to the ethnographic museum of Taltsy, learn about the life of the Siberian people since the 17th-20th century

— Huski Dog Sledding Tour (acquaintance with dogs, 10 minutes ride and photoshoot)

Transfer back to hotel
Accommodation in Irkutsk

Day 3  ( 26 Feb) , 7h

Early in the morning (about 7.00-8.00 am) we’ll depart for the Small Sea area
9(the strait, which is separated from main Baikal by Olkhon island). On the way,
we will have lunch in an ethnic cafe: here you will taste delicious dishes of Buryat
cuisine-buuzi, sagudai, buchler.

Our way will go through the steppes with the views of wild nature
Then we’ll come to the ice road.
To get to the central village of Olkhon island we’ll go along this road with
wonderful landscapes.
Upon arrival to the ice start — change for UAZ or other Russian off road car
There will be also stops for landscape photos.

A visit to the Stupa of Enlightenment on the island of Ogoy will give you an
introduction to the philosophy of Buddhism and allow you to feel the amazing
energy of the place. Inside there are Buddhist relics and a bronze statuette of
Dakini Troma Nagmo, the mother of all Buddhas.

The island of Ogoy itself is unique, because it looks differently in different times of winter.  Some people say it resembles a dragon, somewhere a dancing maiden.
This island is the most popular photo location of lake Baikal during the winter.
When we arrive to Olkhon island, we’ll visit the famous Shamanka rock, where the
main spirit of Baikal lives, according to the legends. You will see a beautiful sunset at the  Baikal.


Accommodation at the hotel at the island.

Day 4 (27 Feb) 

Early Excursion (start at 7.00-8.00 am) to Cape Khoboy (translated from Buryat —
«Canine») by Russian car UAZ or other Russian off road car. This is the
northernmost point of Olkhon island, a place of extraordinary energy and beauty. It
offers a view of the widest part of lake Baikal (80 km). The Cape is decorated with
a pillar-shaped garnet rock called Deva (Virgin). From one side, a woman’s profile
can be seen in the outline of the rock. This can be seen on the ancient galleys of Greece.

During the tour, you will make stops in the most beautiful places of the Northern
part of the island. You will visit the northernmost point of Olkhon island – Cape
Khoboy, the majestic Cape Three Brothers, where you will learn of the wise
legend about the relationship of parents and children; Cape Kharantsy (viewpoint),
as well as many picturesque islets of the Small sea.

You will participate in unforgettable photo shoots at picturesque grottoes, caves
with the amazing transparent ice. Hot lunch with tasty omul fish soup on the ice of
lake Baikal will be a bright moment of your ice adventure.
At about 16.00 arrival to the mainland. Changing the car and transfer to Irkutsk .
Late arrival in the city (About 22-23 pm)
Accommodation at hotel
Meals included: breakfast , lunch

Day 5, 28 February 

Transfer to the airport

Full of fresh Siberian experience and energy you will be ready for the flight and your further adventures!


Suggested flights:

23 Feb Moscow 20:00h — 07:30 am landing at Irkutsk on the 24th February, direct flight

28 Feb Irkutsk 08:10h — 9:35 am landing at Moscow (this time you are «cathching up» and you are laniding virtually the same time you departed)

The duration of the flight is 6h  with Pobeda carrier, VKO airport