Chekhov Museum in Moscow

Anton Chekhov was an outstanding Russian writer, an internationally renowned author of Tours in Moscow, Chekhov House ,  Tour to Chehov Museum in Moscow, Chekhov Museum in English, History of Chekhov House tour, excursion to the Chekhov Museum, Chekhov Museum Tour in English, tour to Chekhov estate in Moscow, excursions to a Chekhov House-Museum in Moscow, Chekhov Museum in the capital, Anton Chekhov Museum in Moscow, excursions in Moscow in English, tours in Moscow, Moscow tours, excursions in Moscow, Moscow excursions, group excursions in English, touring Moscow, Moscow sightseeing, tours in English, tours with English-speaking guideclassic world literature. Chekhov is one of the most important Russian scribes and his works are translated into a 100 different languages. His most famous plays,  «The Seagull», «Uncle Vanya», «Three Sisters» and «The Cherry Orchard», are performed in theaters all over the world.

Chekhov’s house in Moscow is now a museum. The ambiance and interior of the house are exactly as they were during the writer’s life. Museum visitors can see Chekhov’s office and his bedroom and the rooms belonging to his brother and sister. The lounge is recreated according to descriptions by Chekhov’s relatives. Every detail preserves the special atmosphere, where the great writer lived and worked.

Chekhov greatly admired Chaikovsky’s works and planned to devote a collection of short stories to him. He was astonished when Chaikovsky visited him at home. Pride of place, there is a picture of Chaikovsky with a memorable inscription on Chekhov’s desk.

The museum workers especially like to show an ink-holder in the form of a bronze horse. This was a present from a sick lady, one of Chekhov’s patients. Not only did the doctor refuse to charge her for  treating her ailment, he also gave her the money she needed to buy medicine.