Weekend biking trip

Day 1 (Friday night)

Flight from Moscow to Sochi

Meeting at the airport, transfer to “Rosa Hkutor” mountain resort near Sochi (the city of Olympic Games in Russia)

Day 2

Meeting with your biking guide, selecting the equipment.

Program for the day

9.30h start

In the beginning we will head towards ancient dolmens, type of table stones, to the sacred grove. We will use the old Estonian road to get to Sochi National Park that preserves the 1000- year long history of these mountains and some ancient monuments dating back up to 4000 years ago, so the BC history…

We then will use a forest path of Caucasus Biosphere State Reserve to get to natural cold plunge pool of the river of Beshenka, an important sight. Here you can jump into the very clean and very cold waters (if you wish, as its cold even in summer time)

We then will take the Old Polyanskaya road to get a waterfall. We will make a short stop at the observation point near the gorge of Akhtsu to enjoy the view of picturesque 200-metre height cliffs.

After that we will pass a mineral waters spring and use a mountain road to get to the village of Medoveevka (the “honey village”, my guess, judging by the name and the fact that there are several bee farms in the mountains around 🙂 )

The local history started from this very place, which currently is home to an authentic restaurant run with immeasurable love and care by its hosts ( 2 families who build it together, everything is hand-made and hand-built)

The “Elegant dinner” will be organised here 🙂  Inside, if the weather is bad and outside if the weather is favourable and welcoming.

We then will go to spend our night in the “tents”, just as you wanted, but even better!

The fashionable now idea of “glamping” combines both – staying in close contact with beautiful nature around and also includes the luxury, comfort and achievements of our modern civilisation 🙂  I e having bathroom and shower, a king size bed with white clean bed clothing; dressing gowns, slippers, towels; comfortable armchairs. You will appreciate having these after your biking day.


Living in the forest with LUXE+  comfort 🙂

— Great buffet breakfasts

-Bath complex  including 4 types of banya  (Russian, Finnish, Alpine and Furako Barrels outdoors)

-Warm swimming pool and Jacuzzi outdoors


Day 3

Biking along the valley of the river of Mzimta via the observation point that allows beautiful view at the rocks of the Akhtsu gorge. The final stop at this part of the route is «Mouth of the Dragon” waterfall. We will have to leave our bikes at “Deep Yar” spring and walk for 1 km to get to the waterfall. We then will bike along the mountain road of Psakho canyons, unique and picturesque place with turquoise waters, white cliffs and ever green boxwood groves. We then will bike through the vine groves. Flocks and herds of different animals regularly pass through this area. In the olden days this places bore the name of “The valley of buffalos”. By the sunset we will get to the sea.

Transfer to the airport from this final point.

Flight back to Moscow ( Sunday night)

Additional information.

 The bikes we are going to use have a smart system that analyses your speed and effort you are putting in; the electro engine can be launched automatically if the rider is struggling. If you want to get more exercise you don’t have to use this system, but if you are tired and your goal is not to get exhausted but also to enjoy the beautiful landscapes the smart system is there to help you!

The bikes are mountain electro bikes, a great combination of classical mountain bike and smart electro driving gear, that can boost your input up to 4 times (can make you 4 times stronger if there is the need). There is no difference in feeling with riding a regular bike, its just you can get to the top of the mountain 4 times faster! Its a cool advantage if you choose to use it.

Your biking guide is an experienced English-speaking guy who will adapt the route according to your needs and wishes. If he sees the group is struggling he will make the route straighter and shorter. If it’s a group of sportsmen and it’s too easy, he will add some detours to see some additional sights and make sure the trip is adequate to your level of fitness.