Bolshoi Tickets

 The Bolshoi is hugely popular and obtaining ballet and opera tickets is a challenge. However, sometimes it is possible.

 If you have a specific date or know which show you want, contact me and I will check availability

 The normal price range is as follows


Historical Stage  

  3rd gallery circle    12 500 rub per ticket

2nd gallery circle    15 500 rub per ticket

1st gallery circle      17 500 rub per ticket

Dressing circle (on the level with the President’s Box)  22 500 rub per ticket

Amphitheatre          25 000 rub per ticket

Stalls                       25 000 — 30 000 rub per ticket depending on the proximity to the stage

 The prices in the gallery circles are for the tickets in the 1st row.

 Cheaper tickets are available at 7500 rubles each but the visibility is poor   But it is OK if one just wants to expericnce the ambiance ))


New Stage

 1st gallery circle 8500 rub per ticket

Dressing circle   12 500 rub per ticket

Stalls                  15000-17 500 rub per ticket

These prices are for advance purchase tickets. I then will be able to tell you which tickets you are buying.

If you are a Moscow resident and less time constrained there are further options.

You pre-pay for tickets for the show you want to see, on the date you chose, define your budget and wait if better value tickets are released.

Sometimes really good seats, for example, somewhere in the Dressing circle are released for 15 000 rub per ticket

However, there are no guarantees. The tickets might not come through and your money is returned promptly. To take advantage you need to be prepared to wait and not make plans for that particular evening, as the seats may be available.