Adygea trip 3 to 7 days options

Day 1 Lagonaki plateau Lagonaki plateau, at an altitude of 1800-2000m.  The plateau is covered with alpine meadows with snowfields. During the day you will visit 3 observation points. -The “Island of Love”, an 800 metres walk through a beautiful … read more →

Weekend biking trip

Day 1 (Friday night) Flight from Moscow to Sochi Meeting at the airport, transfer to “Rosa Hkutor” mountain resort near Sochi (the city of Olympic Games in Russia) Day 2 Meeting with your biking guide, selecting the equipment. Program for … read more →

North Ossetia trip

Day 1 An experienced English-speaking guide meets you in Vladikavkaz airport to introduce you into the wonderful landscapes and local culture of the Republic of North Ossetia ( a federal republic of Russia, North Caucasian Federal district) Fiagdon (Kurtatinskoe Gorge) … read more →

Bakshev Maslyanitsa

Bakshev Maslyanitsa Maslyanitsa is a traditional Russian Festival of welcoming the spring. Bakshev Maslyanitsa has its own traditions, from 1985. Every year enthusiasts prepare for the celebration and every year they choose a new location. For weeks before the celebration … read more →

25-28 February «Hunt for the Northen Lights»

Many people dream of seeing the Northern lights and indeed, the view is breath taking!  As Muscovites we are only 2.5 hours from one of the greatest, natural wonders of the world. The Northern lights (or aurora borealis, named from … read more →

Vladimir-Suzdal 2 days trip

  The Kremlin of Suzdal is the oldest part of the Russian town of Suzdal, dating back to the 10th century. Like the other Russian Kremlins (the word “Kremlin” originally meant “a fortress”, so most of the old Russian towns … read more →

Vladimir-Suzdal 1 Day Trip

The first stop on our tour is The Assumption Cathedral. A unique monument constructed in the typical white stone architecture of the town of Vladimir, this was the “mother” church of Medieval Russia in the 13th and 14th centuries. Its … read more →

Bisons Reserve

This nature reserve was founded in 1945 and the IUCN  (International Union for Conservation of Nature ) classifies it as a Strict nature reserve. The reserve has been a part of the UNESCO international network of biosphere reserves since 1978. … read more →

Stalin’s Bunker

Stalins Bunker located in Izmailovo, Moscow was a backup Command Post for the Red Army Supreme Commander, Joseph Stalin, during the Great Patriotic War (Eastern Front of the Second World War 1941-1945) Built in the 1930s under a shroud of … read more →

Tank Museum at Patriotic Park

The Museum boasts an extensive collection of 350 pieces of equipment from14 countries. Of this, 60 exhibits will not be seen anywhere else. This is the largest tank Museum in the world. The outdoor military equipment exposition includes equipment for the … read more →

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