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VVC area

The VVC is a great tourist attraction since the early Soviet days; and is still popular now. The centre was designed to impress foreigners. Point of fact, it was meant to impress everyone although for different purposes. Its’ citizens needed … read more →

Vladimir and Suzdal Trip

The first stop on our tour  is the Assumption Cathedral, a unique monument of white —stone architecture of Vladimir town. The cathedral was built in the middle of the XII century by Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky as the main church of … read more →

Tzaritsino Park

Tchernaya Gryaz “Black Mad” village was miraculously transformed in to the Tzaritzino “Tzar Place” over 200 years ago. Empress Catherine the Great, who reigned Russia between 1762 until her death in November 1796, was traveling around Moscow and came across … read more →

Vodka Museum

It is impossible to ignore Vodka when one is in Russia. The drink has been intrinsically linked with Russian life and lore for centuries. Vodka is as Russian as the brown bear or babushka, caviar and Kalashnikov, or the Matrushka … read more →

Moscow Metro

While it is home to some of the worlds most celebrated tourist attractions, Moscow city keeps one of its greatest treasures hidden deep underground. The Moscow Metro was one of the USSRs most ambitious architectural projects. The metro artists and … read more →

Sakharov Centre

The Sakharov Centre is both memorial to and celebration of the legacy of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov, the prominent human rights and perestroika advocate who lived and worked in the Soviet Union. Born into a family of liberal intelligentsia in 1921, … read more →

Icon Museum

Moscow is home to an art museum and public repository of monuments of ancient art. The repository is the world’s largest collection of Orthodox Christian Art spanning the last two millennia. Not only is this the largest private collection but … read more →

Stanislavsky Theatre Backstage and workshops

This is a rare opportunity to see what happens behind the stage of one of the major Russian theatres We would see the following areas in the theatre: Set design workshop Sewing workshop Scenery storage Actor’s dressing room Scene (prop) … read more →

Bolshoi Theatre Workshops

This is a unique and very rare tour to the Bolshoi Theatre workshops. The Bolshoi has extensive facilities producing all the decorations for the ballets and operas you see on the stage when you come to the Theatre. This is … read more →

Star City Tour

Star City – an excursion at the training facilities and Museum of the Yu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center The GCTC Museum, owned and managed by the Russian Federal Space Agency, is a treasure trove of artefacts and exhibits showing … read more →

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