Photo session in Russian style in Moscow or in Suzdal

Costumes for the whole family, professional pictures A great memory about your life in Russia

Red Presnya Museum

The Presnya Historical and Memorial Museum is located in the Moscow region, known for the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 and 1917. The museum was first opened in 1924 in a one-story wooden house, which is now a historical monument of … read more →

Retro train trip to Kolomna

Retro train journey to Kolomna Meeting at Kazansky rail station Departure to Golutvin station, by a retro train ! Arrival into Kolomna, transer into the city. Visiting Kolomna Kremlin. One can talk a lot about Kolomna, but its better to … read more →

Tula 1 day

Tula is an old and beautiful Russian town, boasting an amazing red-brick Kremlin, just like in Moscow. Actually, the town of Tula was first mentioned in the documents in 1146 ( Moscow was founded in 1147 🙂 ) Tula’s population … read more →

Nizhny Novgorod 3-4 days

Nizhny Novgorod is a city where I studied at the University 🙂 The city is situated on the confluence of 2 great Russian rivers, Oka and Volga. It has a red-brick Kremlin like in Moscow 🙂 A truly old, beautiful … read more →

Secret Bunker 703, recently de-classified

Moscow is full of museums dedicated to the military might and prowess of the former Soviet Union. The Bunker 703 museum tells a different story.  It is dedicated to the preservation of mid- 20th century Soviet fortifications, designed and built … read more →

Puppet Dolls Museum

The Museum of Puppets of the Obraztsov Theater has an invaluable collection of fairy-tale-ish characters, documents, photo materials, sketches, drawings that have incorporated the experience and creative potential of more than one generation. Here you will learn the story of … read more →

Antique shop

A few people asked me about an antique shop. I found one, where we can also have sort of a «tour». The shop is one of the biggest in Russia, has a 20 years history and its owner is willing … read more →

Arts and Crafts Museum

Museum of decorative and applied arts ( Arts & Crafts Museum) On the way to the Museum we will see one more curious thing 🙂 At 12h the famous Clock at the Puppet Theatre named after Obraztsova strikes and all … read more →

Central Market

Central market is an ideal place for a relaxed family breakfast on Saturday morning, a lunch with friends after a city center walk or any other reason if you need one to enjoy your meal! 🙂 Thursday night is great … read more →

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