Red Presnya Museum

The Presnya Historical and Memorial Museum is located in the Moscow region, known for the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 and 1917. The museum was first opened in 1924 in a one-story wooden house, which is now a historical monument of … read more →

Retro train trip to Kolomna

Retro train journey to Kolomna Meeting at Kazansky rail station Departure to Golutvin station, by a retro train ! Arrival into Kolomna, transer into the city. Visiting Kolomna Kremlin. One can talk a lot about Kolomna, but its better to … read more →

Tula 1 day

Tula is an old and beautiful Russian town, boasting an amazing red-brick Kremlin, just like in Moscow. Actually, the town of Tula was first mentioned in the documents in 1146 ( Moscow was founded in 1147 🙂 ) Tula’s population … read more →

Nizhny Novgorod 3-4 days

Nizhny Novgorod is a city where I studied at the University 🙂 The city is situated on the confluence of 2 great Russian rivers, Oka and Volga. It has a red-brick Kremlin like in Moscow 🙂 A truly old, beautiful … read more →

Secret Bunker 703, recently de-classified

Moscow is full of museums dedicated to the military might and prowess of the former Soviet Union. The Bunker 703 museum tells a different story.  It is dedicated to the preservation of mid- 20th century Soviet fortifications, designed and built … read more →

Puppet Dolls Museum

The Museum of Puppets of the Obraztsov Theater has an invaluable collection of fairy-tale-ish characters, documents, photo materials, sketches, drawings that have incorporated the experience and creative potential of more than one generation. Here you will learn the story of … read more →

Antique shop

A few people asked me about an antique shop. I found one, where we can also have sort of a «tour». The shop is one of the biggest in Russia, has a 20 years history and its owner is willing … read more →

Arts and Crafts Museum

Museum of decorative and applied arts ( Arts & Crafts Museum) On the way to the Museum we will see one more curious thing 🙂 At 12h the famous Clock at the Puppet Theatre named after Obraztsova strikes and all … read more →

Central Market

Central market is an ideal place for a relaxed family breakfast on Saturday morning, a lunch with friends after a city center walk or any other reason if you need one to enjoy your meal! 🙂 Thursday night is great … read more →

Pereslavl-Zalessky 1 day tour ( a weekend option is possible)

You have probably heard of the «Golden ring cities» of Russia. They are mostly famous for the role they played in the Russian history and for their church architecture; they are small picturesque towns that are very different to Moscow … read more →

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