Bisons Reserve

This nature reserve was founded in 1945 and the IUCN  (International Union for Conservation of Nature ) classifies it as a Strict nature reserve. The reserve has been a part of the UNESCO international network of biosphere reserves since 1978. … read more →

Stalin’s Bunker

Stalins Bunker located in Izmailovo, Moscow was a backup Command Post for the Red Army Supreme Commander, Joseph Stalin, during the Great Patriotic War (Eastern Front of the Second World War 1941-1945) Built in the 1930s under a shroud of … read more →

Tank Museum at Patriotic Park

The Museum boasts an extensive collection of 350 pieces of equipment from14 countries. Of this, 60 exhibits will not be seen anywhere else. This is the largest tank Museum in the world. The outdoor military equipment exposition includes equipment for the … read more →

Abramtsevo Tour

The estate of Abramtsevo became famous as the centre of artistic community gatherings, that developed in the mid-1870s around the industrialist Mamontov. A well-known philanthropist, an artistically gifted person, his estate became the centre of Russian culture for a quarter … read more →

Borodino Battle Field Tour

In September (but not this year, due to the virus situation), thousands of military history fans flock to Borodino, to commemorate the greatest battle ever fought by the Imperial Russian army. It was here on September 7th, 1812, that French … read more →

Central Walking Tour

This tour is designed for people who want to explore the very heart of Moscow. We will meet by the Zhukov Monument, adjacent to Red Square.  Zhukov was a Soviet General and Marshal of the Soviet Union who oversaw some … read more →

Husky carts & barbecue

There is always something magical about the first days of spring, as flowers bloom, the perfume of the blossom, sounds of bees and birds, and the warmth from the sun (hopefully!) While the calendar will dispute this, as we are … read more →

Go-karting for children in a beautiful historical estate  

This tour has something for everyone!  This is a 100 % family friendly tour as we combine children’s entertainment and the beauty and ambiance of the historical location we are visiting! There are 2 more advantages in joining this event … read more →

Horse Trek

We will escape the noisy city and visit the Russian countryside to enjoy this beautiful late spring day. The horse stud is 1 hour’s drive from Moscow. We will travel as a group in a comfortable mini van. Program: 15 … read more →

Elk Island

The territory of the “Elk Island” was first recorded in 1406 ; 160 years later Ivan the Terrible would hunt for bear in the area. The first idea of turning these lands into a national park appeared in 1912, but … read more →

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