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Stanislavsky Theatre Backstage and workshops

This is a rare opportunity to see what happens behind the stage of one of the major Russian theatres We would see the following areas in the theatre: Set design workshop Sewing workshop Scenery storage Actor’s dressing room Scene (prop) … read more →

Bolshoi Theatre Workshops

This is a unique and very rare tour to the Bolshoi Theatre workshops. The Bolshoi has extensive facilities producing all the decorations for the ballets and operas you see on the stage when you come to the Theatre. This is … read more →

Star City Tour

Star City – an excursion at the training facilities and Museum of the Yu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center The GCTC Museum, owned and managed by the Russian Federal Space Agency, is a treasure trove of artefacts and exhibits showing … read more →

Arbat walking tour

The Arbat is a nearly 1 kilometre long pedestrian street, in the historical heart of Moscow. Claiming to be the oldest street in the Russian capital, Arbat has existed since the 15th century. It is the centre of the Arbat … read more →

Russian Air Force museum at Monino

The Russian Air Force museum at Monino, 38 kilometres outside Moscow, is one of the finest aviation museums in the world. Set amongst pine forest, on 20 acres of countryside, the museum is home to exhibits showing the development of … read more →

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is Moscow’s famous cathedral situated on the north bank of the River Moskva. At103 metres high it is the tallest Orthodox Christian Church in the world and dominates that part of the Moscow skyline. The Cathedral is … read more →

Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-27 flight simulator Master class

It is not often that truly unique opportunity comes along but in this instance, we have one for you. The Aviators Restaurant, in the middle of Moscow city, offers much more than just excellent food, drink and a great venue … read more →

Christmas ornaments factory

The town of Klin in Moscow area is famous for of its’ unique Museum. The Christmas Ornaments Museum tells the story of fir tree decorations from the XIX century when they started decorating Christmas tree with sweets, nuts, apples and … read more →

Harmonica Museum

Museum of Russian Harmonica History tells us about the most popular Russian musical instrument. There are 4 Harmonica museums in the world, and one of them is in Moscow, Russia. In the museum one can see a recreation of a … read more →


You can date the Kolomenskoe palace back as far as the Stone Age, but it became really popular under the Russian Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. The Tsar commissioned his Palace which was finished in autumn of 1640. The Romanov dynasty had … read more →

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