Your guide in St Petersburg

Your guide in St Petersburg

Dear friends,

Many of you have visitors who first come to Moscow and then travel to St Petersburg, which is the 2nd most popular Russian tourist destination. Due to demand we are now providing tourist guide services in Russia’s old capital city

Below is an example of a potential program of your 1-day tour

Starting with The Cathedral of Saint Isaac which is considered to be one of the pearls of the worlds architecture:

Here is the famous Palace Square:It is open for tourists though sometimes they hold some services there. A climb up its colonnade provides fascinating views of the city. We take in the famous Bronze Horseman and enjoy a walk along the River Neva embankments straight to the Winter Palace and Palace Square. We then take a guided tour of the world famous Hermitage Museum. You need to chose which collection you would like to see: Prehistoric Art, Antiquity, Western European Art, The Arsenal, Oriental Art, Russian Culture, Numismatics, Treasure Gallery and so on.

And the Winter Palace.

Then there are a lot of boats routes around the center of the city, so we could take one or keep on walking along Nevsky Prospect, visiting The Kazan Cathedral.

This is an approximate route for the first day.