Forthcoming tours

Pictures from Mosfilm Studio visit
Pictures from Taganka Secret Bunker Tour 29th April
Pictures from Husky and Reindeer Farm visit 24th February

Hi! We really enjoyed the tour. It was a unique experience and one we will remember fondly from our time in Moscow. Arthur

Pictures from Reindeer and Husky Farm visit 18.02.2018

«Hi Maria, we had a good day yesterday. You are great, I will refer the others for fun tours. Best wishes, Jamie »

Pictures from the Troika rides tour 17.02.2018

It was awesome! Thanks again.

13 December FSB Border Guard Museum

The museum was founded in 1914 in St Petersburg and was transferred to Moscow in 1932. The museum aims to explain people about the border guard service. You will learn how the territory of the Russian Federation changed in time … read more →

8 December Chance to meet the Russian Top Gun

Valerii Mozorov is a keen motorcyclist, skydiver and a fast jet pilot in the Russian Air Force. He is also Squadron Leader of the Russian aerobatic display team, the Swifts, with many thousands of hours on both Sukhoi and MiG … read more →

7 December Ballerina’s apartment visit

Galina Ulanova was a Russian ballet dancer who lived in the Soviet Union. Many people consider her to be one of the greatest ballerinas of the20th Century. Ulanova’s apartment is preserved as it was during her life. Galina Ulanova lived … read more →

6 December Museum of Chocolate

This is an off the beaten path museum in the heart of Moscow, and though its exhibits have been gathered all over the world and some of them are dated as far as the pre-Columbian times, when only the Aztec … read more →

29 November 16h WINE TASTING of Russian produced wines

You are invited to a wine tasting session with the co-founder of Russia’s largest wine tasting club. Ten of Russia’s most significant wines will be sampled and each characteristic enjoyed. Your host will share the background of each; he will … read more →

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