8 December Chance to meet the Russian Top Gun

Valerii Mozorov is a keen motorcyclist, skydiver and a fast jet pilot in the Russian Air Force. He is also Squadron Leader of the Russian aerobatic display team, the Swifts, with many thousands of hours on both Sukhoi and MiG fighter aircraft.

In a real coup, we have managed to persuade Valerii to join us at Moscow’s ONLY real ex- Russian Air Force flight simulator in private hands. Tucked away, behind a glass wall, in the centre of Moscow, is a genuine Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-27 flight simulator, direct from the SU-27 OCU squadron and now ready for use by amateur aircraft enthusiasts.

Valerii will provide exclusive one on one classes to aspiring fighter pilots, sharing tactics and his skills gleaned in the skies.

The SU-27 is an exceptionally agile air superiority fighter aircraft which has delighted crowds at Air Shows in Russia and the west, with its superb manoeuvrability. We can ‘fly’ the aircraft, NATO designation “Flanker” and attempt a high speed pass under a bridge; and even the infamous Pugachev Cobra Manoeuvre; which shocked western military observers when first seen.

When: we meet at 19h at metro Taganskaya

Cost: 5000 rub per person