Forthcoming tours

17 October T-34 Tank rides

There is something quite exhilarating about strapping oneself into 26.5 tonnes of lethal armour, powered by a noisy high 500 horsepower V12 diesel powering the clanking caterpillar tracks. Subtle? No. One would never say the classic Soviet WW2-era T34 (Medium … read more →

16 October Taganka 42 Secret Bunker

War-era underground bunker is situated in the center of Moscow, 65 meters below the surface. Well-preserved and still functioning now, the Bunker was a top-secret Soviet military facility occupying more than 7000 m2. The installation was classified Top Secret until … read more →

2 October Lenin’s Dacha visit

Gorky Leninskye or Lenin’s Dacha as many people know it is one of the very few country estates that has managed to preserve its’ original interiors. Together with its unique architecture and exciting history this place has always generated great … read more →

16 October Bolshoi Theatre Tour

* Prior registration for the tour is required Children are allowed on the tour under strict parental supervision as we can not distract dancers and musicians should we see a rehearsal or other stage preparations. Children younger than 5 y … read more →

3-7 November Russian Hanseatic League towns by retro train journey

Hanseatic League was an influential medieval commercial & political alliance and a defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in North-West Europe that formed in the 12 century and existed till the middle of the 17th century, thus thriving for centuries. … read more →

1 October Fire Festival

Fire Show Festival Fire Show is generally a combination of circus, dance and other stage arts where the performers also use props on fire   The best street theatres will come to share their new productions   The festival takes … read more →

Spasskaya Tower military tatoo at the Red Square, daily till 5 September

Spasskaya Tower is a music fiesta, a spectacular show, staged on the background of the monumental walls of the Kremlin, and a great ‘battlefield’ of the bands from different countries fighting for the love and admiration of the audience. The harmonious combination of military, classical, folk and popular music, military … read more →

23 October Retro Train trip to Kolomna

Retro train journey to Kolomna 07:00 — meeting at Kazansky rail station 07:20 — departure to Golutvin station, by a retro train ! 10:01 — arrival. Bus transfer to Pastila factory (fruit candy similar to marshmallow, local delicacy Kolomna is … read more →

10 October «Moscow is behind us. 1941 battle reconstruction»

This is one of the biggest historical re-enactment festivals devoted to the events of the WWII. The event marks the 77th Anniversary of the Battle for Moscow. You will be able to travel back in time to see what happened at … read more →

5 September History Comes Live to Borodino

In September, thousands of military history fans flock to Borodino, to watch a re-enactment of one of the greatest battles ever fought by the Imperial Russian army. In September 1812, French and Russian forces clashed there in what became the … read more →

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