16 June Kolomenskoe walking tour

You can date the Kolomenskoe palace back as far as the Stone Age, but it became really popular under the Russian Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich.

The Tsar commissioned his Palace which was finished in autumn of 1640.

The Romanov dynasty had ruled Russia for 300 years and wanted to reinforce their connection with the previous Rurikovich dynasty, including Ivan the Terrible, who enjoyed spending time in Kolomenskoe.

Alexey Mikhailovich turned the Kolomenskoe Palace into the most important of all the Tsars’ Residences, second only to the Kremlin. In 1667 another wooden Palace was commissioned. The best Russian craftsmen and artisans worked hard to create a masterpiece. Foreign Ambassadors, Patriarch’s and Russian Aristocracy were frequent guests at Kolomenskoe. After Alexey Mikhailovich’s death its’ significance declined. His son, Peter the Great, visited infrequently. By Catherine the Greats’ reign the Palace was in bad condition. She wanted to repair it but realising the expense she decided it was easier to build a new one…

The Palace was restored in 2010.

Cost: 2500 rub per person