About the company

Welcome to Moscow and to this site!

My name is Maria and I am happy to welcome you to my country!

A little bit about me and how my company came about. Whilst at Nizhny Novgorod State University I worked in the International department providing support to international students and introducing them to Russian culture. Later I worked at the British Embassy, Moscow, doing the same job: providing support to British diplomats, briefing them on Russia, writing reviews on the places of interest and organizing excursions to cultural points in Moscow. My company is the logical conclusion to my route.

My goal is to help foreign visitors get the most out of their stay in Russia. The truth is that when you move into a country for, let’s say, a three-year-long contract, you think you have plenty of time and you will get to see everything! In practice, for most of people, this is untrue. One always tends to postpone Russian sightseeing and, in the end, it never happens!

I decided to remove the planning burden from your shoulders! Twice a month I organize scheduled excursions of Moscow, Moscow area or the Golden Ring cities. The excursions will be advertised on this site. You can join the group easily just by letting me know you are interested.

Bespoke tours are organized at your request. For example, if your relatives are visiting, they have special interests and you don’t know what to do with them as you are working — just let me know and I will find a solution!

Get the most out of you stay in Moscow! 