Russian Survival Course

Not speaking or reading the Russian language is one of the greatest challenges of living in Russia. To truly master the Russian language is a difficult and lengthy process and few people are afforded the luxury.  However, help is at hand!   The course will help you to avoid numerous difficulties in routine daily life by learning key pointers in a relaxed and entertaining environment and enabling you to get out, and about and enjoy your time here with more confidence.  Upon completion of the course you will find Moscow life more exhilarating and less constraining and intimidating.  The course is spread over 12 lessons, each covering a specific topic, and is developed for those who don’t have time to spend hours on end on mastering the nuances of the Russian grammar, but simply want to feel more confident in a Russian-speaking environment.


The Russian Survival Course ( a new group for complete beginners) starts in the end of September. This is a 2 month course. The class will take place in the afternoon on one of the week days (discussed with those who express interest in this class).


The Survival Course covers the following topics:

1.       Understanding the alphabet, learning to read (syllables, simple words)

2.       Practicing the reading skills (reading street signs)

3.       Introducing yourself

4.       Being polite (saying «hello», «good bye», «thank you» etc)

5.       Café/restaurant

6.       Asking for directions.  Useful vocabulary: street, side-street, square

7.       Shopping: food, household. Useful vocabulary: fruit and vegetables, grocery, detergents

8.       Shopping: clothes, presents. Useful vocabulary: colours, sizes, clothes.  You will learn to ask the shop assistant for help

9. At the pharmacy

10. Talking about the weather.

The lessons take part as a mini-group session in a ‘real-world’ environment, in a Russian café. Emphasis is on fun as well as learning valuable ‘survival’ language skills, in Moscow!