1 February Winter Horse Trek

Winter in Moscow is magical as the snow covers a multitude of sins, providing an esoteric dusting transforming brash, cracked and glitzy into something softer and prettier. Unfortunately, it does not take long for the pristine whiteness to disappear and for the annual slush-fest to replace what had a virgin clean appeal!

However, all is not lost. Moscow is quite remarkable in that it is surrounded by beautiful countryside of rolling hills and woodlands, all a relatively short distance from the centre.  There, when snow falls, it is for the duration of winter. It keeps an unspoiled freshness, until the Spring melt.

Winter is special. It’s a wonderous time to explore a different side to the woods.  Grab your gloves and coats, pull on your boots and ride out into an enchanted winter utopia. Truly, there is great appeal in trekking through silent, snow covered trails on horseback. The virgin snow drifts deaden the sound of the horses’ passage, only the crisp, crunch of hoof on snow and the hot breath of the animal as it works its way along the paths, gives credence of life in this silent, romantic realm.

Once out of Moscow the air is clear, clean and invigorating. The trek is refreshing and the air, revitalising. Together, both are a wonderful tonic against dull and grey city days. Get out and embrace our healthy, cold surroundings!

Cost: 4500 rub for adults and 3500 rub for children under 14 years old

Price includes transportation, rental of protective helmets, lunch and 1h horse trek in the beautiful, covered in snow countryside 🙂