1 May Taganka 42 Secret Bunker

A Cold War-era underground bunker is situated in the center of Moscow, 65 meters below the surface. Well-preserved and still functioning now, the Bunker was a top-secret Soviet military facility occupying more than 7000 m2. The installation was classified Top Secret until 1995, several years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

 Construction was finished in 1956 and the Soviet Ministry of Defense officially assumed the command.  By 1960s the Bunker was fully equipped to survive a nuclear strike. Air filters were installed; enough food, water and fuel were stored to enable the military to function in a fully independent mode, for a very long time.  The Bunker is now a «Cold War Museum» where visitors can try to launch a simulated nuclear attack, visit the operations and communications room, watch a short film about the arms race between the Soviet Union and the United States and feel the terrifying atmosphere of that time.

When: We meet outside Taganskaya metro station (purple line) at 10.40h

Cost: 1750 rub