1 November Museum of Unique Dolls

A long time ago a talented theater artist, Julia Vishnevskaya,  came across an antique doll. Collecting dolls made from the beginning of the XXth century became her life’s work. This is one of the biggest collections in the world, let alone in Russia.

In 1996 the Museum of Unique Dolls was founded. This place gave people the opportunity to discover and to appreciate dolls that are true works of art.  The collection continues to grow. Often the dolls are presented by their owners who wish their dolls have a new long and happy life. The dolls are repaired, they are given clothes true to the time of their creation and they find their place in the collection.

In the museum you learn how our great-grand mothers were brought up; what children from previous centuries played with and see the true masterpieces created by puppet-makers. You will see dolls of French, German, English, Dutch , Russian and Japanese  origin ; you will be able to appreciate their dress style, including their hats, umbrellas and other decorations; doll-houses, household and tiny furniture are also on display.

The Museum is also proud of its doll-house collection. Many of those houses were made by a renowned doll-house maker Petr Lukoyanov.

When: we meet at 14.50h at Kitai-Gorod metro station, exit towards street Marosejka by the Monument to the Heros of Plevna

Cost: 1750 rub per person

*Please confirm yourinterest by 12h on the 31st of October. The tour will take place if there is a minimum of 5 people interested in this event.