12 December Jewellery Box Factory

Russia is world famous for its unique handicraft.

The inhabitants of Fedoskino village, located in the Moscow area, preserve the ancient traditions. Fedoskino jewelry boxes, along with Matreshkas, are amongst the most popular Russian souvenirs.

The Fedoskino artisan shop was founded in 1795, having over 200 years of history. Even now all artists work in the traditional Russian style. Extraordinary pieces of art created here are globally renowned.  For example, they were offered as presents to the Pope, the President of theUSA, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, etc.

Every piece of art that comes from Fedoskino is unique and is marked by author’s signature, a serial number and its’ license. The Fedoskino Administration say you will not find their works at Old Arbat or other popular tourist markets. The majority of artifacts sold there are counterfeit.  The technology of production is too complex and sometimes it takes more than half a year to make one jewelry box!

The visit includes a master class in broch or laque box painting with a professional artist, a tour of the factory, private transportation and interpretation into English. 

Cost: 3500 rub per person if you are going to paint a broch and 5000 rub if you are going to paint a box ( given the minimum amount of participants to the tour is 15)

Tour departure: at 10 am from Sokol metro   Estimated time of arrival back at Sokol is 14.30-15h

Deadline for tour confirmation is 12h on the 6th December.