13 September Tsaritsino Walking Tour

The tour starts at 13h

Tchernaya Gryaz “Black Mad” village was miraculously transformed in to the Tzaritzino “Tzar Place” over 200 years ago.

Empress Catherine the Great, who reigned Russia between 1762 until her death in November 1796, was traveling around Moscow and came across a magnificent vista: a beautiful group of clear lakes, verdant green bushes on the shores all surrounded by deep forests. Falling in love with the view and the possibilities she decided to buy it. The owner, Mr Cantemir wasn’t fond of the land and asked 20,000 rubles for sale. (Compare this with today’s price- twenty thousand rubles would not buy 1 square meter!) The empress gave 25,000 rubles and was very happy with her purchase. She renamed “Black Mad” to Tzaritzino and ordered the construction of a palace.

The construction works which started with such enthusiasm had to slow down. The lack of funding could have been caused by Russian- Turkish war. Then Catherine the Great died and the tsar’s residence was never completed in her life time.

What Catherine the Great couldn’t find, money, the former Mayor of Moscow Luzkov could. Modern architects completed the project according to original plans in three short years. The palace interiors are palatial and as overwhelming just as you would expect in the XVIII century palace. Present days’ Tzaritzino is a big tourist attraction of a museum complex and a large recreational area. A large number of concerts, exhibitions, excursions and other cultural events take place here. The other interesting thing is its unique light-musical fountain set up in a lake. 2583 under-water lamps ensure the special light effects are suitably impressive; and the central computer synchronizes the work of light, water and musical accompaniment!

Fountain in the evening (light and music accompaniment)