14-15 September Rocket launch

14-15 September, Watching the rocket launch!

We are inviting you to join an exclusive 1 day trip to legendary Baikonur Cosmodrome where you will observe the night launch of rocket-carrier  “Soyuz».

11 am 2nd September  Registration deadline for the trip

The cost includes

Staying in “Sputnik” Hotel (not available for «free» booking), it’s an official hotel where the astronauts stay

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Baikonur complex and in the city restaurants

Access permissions to all the “closed for the general public” facilities, you will be able to touch things and make pictures

Tours of historical places at Baikonur with experienced local accredited guides

Visiting the Memorial complex at Baikonur (Cosmonauts museum, Yuri Gagarin House, Orbital Spaceship “Buran”

And, finally, the unforgettable view of “Soyuz” rocket-carrier launch! Our group watches it as close as possible, in the first rows!

A nice bonus to that is the great company, because you will spend time with famous people, successful businessmen, friends and relatives of former and present astronauts.

This is going to be one of the most breath-taking trips you have ever joined!

The cost includes staying in a comfortable hotel “Sputnik”; its other advantage is that has this special “space” ambiance, where you might see the cosmonauts and even have a cup of coffee with them in the evening, whilst learning a lot of exciting things first hand! You will be right there, where all the things are happening!

You will also fly with a special charter flight with the state commission, which means you will land at closed airfield of “Krainii”, 15 min away from the Hotel (as opposed to flying there on your own with a change and than having to do a 300 km transfer) Which is also possible if the charter flight doesn’t work for you for some reason. The transfer from the regular airport can also be organised upon request.

The cost includes


-staying in the hotel

-visiting unique facilities



-watching the rocket launch

-the special dedicated charter flight

The charter flight is from Vnukovo-3 airport. The flight is 3h. Business class food on board. We go there on the 14th September, watch the nigh launch and we are back at lunch time of the 15th September ( because of the time difference we leave at lunch time and we are back in Moscow also around lunchtime)

This also can be set up as a VIP-present ( we can make a Gift Certificate for the trip), because the there are other dates when you can watch this spectacular event! (5-10 October; 5-9 December, other trips will be slightly longer)

Cost: 225 000 rub lux accommodation in “Sputnik” Hotel; 199 000 rub, regular comfort accommodation in “Sputnik” Hotel

*Registration deadline for the trip is 11 am on the 2nd September