14 August Hand Made Market in ArtPlay area

Market «4 seasons» Talented designers, handmade masters and author’s of clothes brands will gather in  one place to present their original works to the guests.

Thousands of unique items from 150 craftsmen from all over the country await you at the event: designer clothes to set you apart from the crowd, original scarves and hats, beautiful document and ticket covers to hit the road straight away, unusual decorations to accentuate your style, natural cosmetics to ensure skin is kept in good care, magical notebooks to make everything come true, fun cards and posters, cosy little things, dream catchers, leather products and more. An unusual weekend of unusual food: take a look at the food court with fragrant drinks, eco-products, hearty home dinners, healthy snacks.

This year the «4 Seasons» market is held on

August 6 and 7 in the food mall «DEPOT» at Lesnaya st., 20, p. 3.

August 13 and 14 in the courtyard of Artplay ( a cool, slightly bohemian and very interesting, good to discover area of Moscow) A nice place to come and enjoy your day or evening at some point, a good to know place J

We will go there as a group on the 14th August. Departure from the embassy South Gate on Sunday at 14.30h   No cost for the embassy members