14th October “Moscow is behind us. 1941 battle reconstruction”

This is one of the biggest historical re-enactment festivals devoted to the events of the WWII.

The event marks the 77th Anniversary of the Battle for Moscow.

You will be able to travel back in time to see what happened at the Borodino field in 1941 when the Red Army fought the Nazi invaders to a standstill in one of the defining moments of the Second World War. Historians agree that the outcome of the war hung in the balance as the Soviets defended against the massive attack. Thousands of tanks, aircraft and opposing troops fought in a vicious, often hand-to-hand, battle.

Over 500 participants from various military-historical organisations will recreate some episodes of the battle. You will see military machinery dating back to the beginning of the WWII: armoured vehicle T-1, Armoured Vangard Vehicle-321, motorcycles, pieces of artillery, fire-arms as well as historical aviation.

The scale of the reconstruction will help the spectators understand what a tragic historical moment it was and remember the soldiers who lost their lives in that dramatic fight.

The festival also has a couple of interactive expositions such as “Military equipment” and “Field Hospital” as well as an exposition of a private collection of rare retro cars.

Cost: 5500 rub for adults, 2750 rub for children under 14 years old