15 February Christmas Ornaments tour + master class + tea drinking

Christmas and New Year is magical time for both children and adults.

Let’s prolong the magic, it doesn’t have to be limited to the New Year!:)

The Christmas ornaments factory reveals how the fairy tale is born.

This small private factory is run by people who truly love their job. Some of the walls inside are covered with “Thank you” notes. Visitors leave their “references” right on the walls!

The factory owners pride themselves in the original design of their Christmas ornaments and say it is unique. They introduced the idea of “broken” balls, balls with holes inside, ribbons, beads and other decorations. Everything is hand made. They use eco-glass making sure that while their produce is of the highest quality it doesn’t harm nature. These beautiful Christmas ornaments can be put on a Christmas tree or used as part of the interior to create festive ambiance in the house during the holiday time.

During the tour you will see all the production stages, be able to participate in a master-class, have a cup of tea and get a present!

Costs: 4200 rub for adults, 3500 rub for children under 14 years old

The price includes transportation, English-speaking guide to accompagny you from Moscow, tour where you learn about the Christmas ornaments production stages, tea drinking, master-class and a memorable present.

After the tour we will be able to visit the factory shop and buy some unusual Christmas ornaments (they have some unique designs)

The group meets at Sokol at 10 am to travel to the Factory in a comfortable mini-van. The Factory is 20 km outside Moscow.

You will be back at Sokol at around 14-14.30h