15th October Wine Etiquette

It has been said that wine is alive and should be treated as such. It is true973844001_7 that wine requires special treatment. Consider the grape harvest, the extraction process, the ageing and the etiquette and all the other expert processes before it is served. And then, the finale, when all the hard work of all the experts culminates in that special moment, the very important celebration, or the romantic dinner.

This is the key moment, the correct serving of wine, which can transform the simple and ordinary wine to a something special, or conversely may spoil the impression of the finest of wines.

During the master-class we will:

— study the wine glass forms for each type of wine;

— learn to serve white, red, rose and sparkling wine at the correct temperature in theory and practice;

— learn not only how to decant the wine but also understand whether we should;

— learn the etiquette of serving wine in the restaurant and the intricacies in communication with a sommelier 

— taste 5 different kind of wines

— get acquainted with the rules of professional wine tasting

Start time :16h at Smolenskaya

Cost: 2500 rub