23 February/ 29 February/ 7 March Husky Farm visit

We will visit a husky farm close to Moscow. Friendly, fluffy Huskies will transport  you on a magical sled ride. The dog sledge seats two and you feel like you are flying across the snow. All you will hear are the panting dogs and soft padding of their paws over the snow.

At the entrance to the Husky Place we will be met by a Northern Shaman who will introduce us to some of the traditional games and rituals of the indigenous northern Russian people. He will present a small Fire Show by the Bonfire, and after we will participate in the interactive part of the program.

(For example: Games testing how good a Hunter or a Fishman you would be if you happened to live in the North as peoples’ lives there are very close to Nature and they have to provide for themselves. Of course, no animals will be hurt during those exercises 😉 )

An expert will explain why huskies have blue eyes, why they are so friendly and a lot of other interesting facts. We will drink a cup of warming tea in the yurt with the guide.

You will have an opportunity to play and take pictures with these beautiful well-natured animals, to make sure this visit stays in your memories whilst waiting for your turn on the sleds.  Warming Glu-wine is available for adults by the bonfire, as we wait for those concluding their sledge rides.

After that we will have a lunch and taste some of the local produce ( The Husky Place is located on the territory of a Fish Farm and they grow a lot of fish) It is also very typical for the Russian North people as their main food is meat and fish with very little fruit or vegetables, due to the cold nature of the environment and logistics problems; plus the fact that many are still nomads.

Cost : 6900 rub for adults and 4700 rub for children up to 14 y

What is includes: Mini van transportation to the Farm, Husky rides, tea and biscuits in the yurt, glu wine by the bon fire whilst waiting for your turn on the sleds, lunch at the local restaurant.