16th April «Bolshoi Pointe» ballet flats at Rosinka Bazar

Most of you probably know “Bolshoi Pointe” as ballet wear and pointes dance shoes company.

This summer there will be a possibility to order exclusive “Bolshoi Pointe” flats, butterflies or classic high heels, so the non-ballerinas will be able to wear this beautiful brand as well!

All the shoes are tailored and hand made. They are super comfortable, with extra padding, some of the styles have practically orthopaedic support installed in them. You won’t feel you are wearing them )) ( I have been wearing my “Bolshoi Pointe” flats for the last 3 years, so it is a first-hand recommendation) “Bolshoi Pontes” combine dance footwear and traditional shoe-making technologies. They are really easy to wear!

The “dark elfs” making the shoes are quite busy producing the pointes ( A prima-ballerina can wear out 7 pairs of pointes in one performance!), so the capacity to make flats for non-ballerinas is limited at the moment 🙂 Nevertheless, the company can take some orders 🙂

Different colours are available, so if you send me a message I will send you pictures of the leather that can be bought in at this particular time.

I will bring some “Bolshoi Pointe” shoes to Rosinka Bazar, so please come along to try these wonderfully comfortable flats and elegant high heels, that feel practically as if you are in bare feet 😉