18-23 February Baikal tour

Program Irkutsk — Listvyanka – Olkhon

During the tour you will be introduced to the famous attractions of Baikal, including Oklhon Island with its Mongolian-esque steppe landscapes. In Lisvyanka you will plunge into the atmosphere of a small resort town with its views of snowy mountain peaks and ice-rocks, as well as enjoy the wooden architecture of Irkutsk. In only one week you get to experience all Baikal’s diverse nature – experience an off -roader crossing the steppes, enjoy dog sledding trips in the Baikal forests, walk on ice and see beautiful crevasses and take perfect memories of Baikal’s ice and grottos.

Day 1 

Meeting at the airport by private car and a guide.
City tour of Irkutsk (3 hours)
— Historical center with churches, monument to the founders of the city, Polish Church, Moscow Gate
— Merchant street with ancient wooden houses
— The monastery with graves of Decembrists, monument to Shelikhov, founder of Russian America
— Lacy house — the most beautiful wooden house of Irkutsk
— Karl Marx Street with late 19th century stone buildings
— Monument to Alexander III, Upper Embankment of Angara
— Cozy wooden 130 quarter with shops and restaurants
Lunch at the local café
Accommodation in the hotel
Free time in the city
Guide will recommend the places you can visit in the city on your own in your free time
Transfer to the hotel

Day 2

Excursion in Lisvyanka (7 o ‘clock), located 70 km from Irkutsk
Visit to the Baikal Museum, learning interesting facts about the lake, aquariums with lake inhabitants
— Fish and souvenir market, where you can try the Baikal delicacy – omul
— Lunch at local café with tasty local delicacy – omul fish
— Cable car to the stone of Chersky with a viewpoint to Baikal and the source of Angara
— Excursion to the ethnographic museum of Taltsy, learn about the life of the Siberian people since the 17th-20th century
— Dog Sledding Tour (4,5 km)
— Hovercraft Short Trip (Joining the group)
Accommodation in a hotel in Listvyanka

Day 3

Bus Tour to ‘Bolshoye Goloustnoye’ Village, located 2 hours drive from Irkutsk City.
The village is crowd-free and home to the famous ‘ice-bubbles’, making photographs look like they were shot in-space.
After our arrival we’ll have an opportunity to skate the transparent Baikal ice.
On route to ‘Maloye Goloustnoye’ village we will take a stop at the Malamute dog sledding centre.
While these animals are not so fast as the Baikal husky, they are incredibly cute and very friendly with children.
It is possible to make photos with them and drink tea in the very authentic Northern peoples home.
You will also have an opportunity to have lunch, cooked from real Siberian Village food. In the evening, after skating and dog sledding, we return to Irkutsk


Day 4 

Early departure to Olkhon Island by private car (260 km)
Departure to the village of Sakhyurta
Crossing to the island by car directly to the village.
1-hour drive along ice of Baikal
Trip to the village of Khujir (approximately 36 km) by gravel road.
Arrival in the village.
Accommodation in the hotel.
Walk on the rock Shamanka, sacred place on Baikal, here according to many, the main spirit of the lake lives.

Day 5 

Excursion by off-road car to the northernmost part of the island — Cape Khoboy.
During this tour you will have an opportunity to see the fascinating ice splashes, grottos and ice in different shapes: cracked, with bubbles and intricate patterns.
The tour takes approximately 8 hours, during which we will visit the legendary places of Olkhon
— The islands called Lion, Crocodile and others
— Cape Three Brothers
— Cape Hoboy
These places make your heart beat faster, and anyone who has visited this place talks about the extraordinary feeling of Baikal’s powerful energy.
In the evening we return to the hotel

Day 6 

This unique tour involves a full overview of the southern part of Oklhon Island. Both fans of the active holidays and the nature beauty lovers will appreciate this trip.
The route runs along the steppe part of the south of the island. From the village of Khujir you will go towards the ferry.
On the way you’ll make stops at the most beautiful places, including
Yalga cape, Khargoy, most of the picturesque bays and capes. Some of them look like huge wild animals frozen in the ice.
You’ll also visit the famous Trident rock, which is totally different from the other places, as it’s just like from the Latin American landscapes.
On this day you will also return to the village in the evening, and after the fascinating trip you will have an opportunity to see the beautiful sunset at the lake.

Day 7 

Departure from the hotel to Irkutsk.
On the way we’ll visit the famous Tazherany Steppe with the outstanding view to the lake, stopping at the most significant Buryat shamanist places.
Arrival to the city in the afternoon

Day 8

Transfer to the airport