19th and 26th February Nutcracker Sweet Quest

The Nutcracker Sweet Quest was created by a ballerina from the Bolshoi Theatre after she6 had a child. Ballet dancers live this magical story every time they perform the ballet on stage. Our ballerina decided that all the children should have a similar experience and take part in creating their own fairy tale.

The Quest is set in an old Moscow mansion, and the children’s interaction starts at the very entrance. Every child receives a magical nut and walks up a wide red carpeted staircase. To make progress in the quest children need to answer questions and solve riddles to accumulate the maximum amount of points.

A fairytale-ish city has many beautiful sets for photo sessions, so you can take pictures of your children in the Throne hall or other sceneries with the general Nutcracker sweet theme.

The Quest is suitable for children up to 12 years old.

After the Quest children and adults can wonder through an Exhibition donated by the Bolshoi Theatre. Exhibits are costumes and tutu’s and props from the Nutcracker Suite…our ballerina plays the part of the Indian doll on the original stage.  

Cost: 3500 rub for adults and 2500 rub for children.

The event will take place if there is a group of people interested

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