19th November The Art of Wine Tasting

The Art of Wine Tasting

Wine is one of the oldest beverages of the world. This unique product was born by image003chance: thanks to a forgotten tank with grape juice and has evolved into a complex and more interesting, even noble, drink.

The ability to understand the noble beverages has always been considered a sign of aristocracy and refined taste. But these abilities are not only possessed by prosperous vineyard owners and their heirs. The art of wine tasting can be learned by anyone: the art is the training of our senses.

Many people think that in order to learn to understand the wine, you need to have special knowledge. Some are put off by what they see as  the enormity of this challenge. Fortunately, it is much easier: you just need to start!

— we will taste 6 different  wine samples;

— we will learn how to correctly analyze and taste wine using the professional tasting technique;

— learn how to match food and wine;

— read and understand the wine label.

Start time: 16h , Duration — 2 h

Cost — 2 500 rub.

The event will take place if there is a group of people interested.