22 July The International Aviation Space Salon Maks

The International Aviation and Space salon «MAKS» is a rightful occupant of a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums.11

The very idea of the MAKS lies in demonstrating Russian high technologies and domestic market openness to joint ventures with the use of foreign partners’ cutting-edge advances.

MAKS is held under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation. This is the warranty of superior organisation and authoritative participants. MAKS provides participants with the most comprehensive understanding of the Russian aerospace industry’s priorities and advances. MAKS AirShow is the only place where one could see aircraft and weapons system prototypes as well as experimental systems that cannot be shown abroad due to some or other reasons.

MAKS is held in the town of aircraft science and technology — Zhukovsky — at the airfield of the major national testing facility — Gromov Flight Research Institute.

We will travel on a Russian suburban train, so only those open to an «authentic» experience are invited to join 🙂 The train journey takes 50 min.

We meet in front of Kazansky Terminus at 9.40h. We are going to watch the air shows during the day and plan to return back around 17h.

Cost: 2500 rub (includes tickets to the show, train tickets and an English-speaking shaperon along the way)

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