24 February Husky & Reindeer Farm visit

We will visit a husky and reindeer farm situated close to Moscow. Friendly, fluffy Huskies will transport  you on a magical dog sled ride. The dog sledge seats only 2 people and you feel like you are flying across the snow. All you hear are the panting dogs and the soft padding of their paws through the snow.

Mid-way, we take a break and stop to take pictures with the animals in the forest. 

We will also visit nomads tent “yurt” to learn how most small nations in the North of Russia live. A knowledgeable guide will explain to us why huskies have blue eyes, when deer change horns and a lot of other interesting facts. We will drink a cup of warming tea with the guide.

By the way, even Moscow zoo doesn’t keep reindeer as they are difficult to look after and expensive to feed. They only eat reindeer moss that is specially brought for them from the Russian North. 

In the end, we will have a short tour of the farm to take more pictures with those beautiful well-natured animals, to make sure this visit stays in your memories.  Glu wine is available for the adults by the bon-fire as we wait for those concluding their visit on the sledges.

Tour Program

Husky sledge rides

Glu-wine by the bonfire and Reindeer sledge rides to entertain in between husky rides

Tour of the yurt (Northern Russia nomads home)

Feeding the Reindeer

Cost : 6900 rub for adults and 4700 rub for children up to 14 y

We depart from Taganskaya metro station  Timing to be confrimed