24th November Russian Air Force Museum at Monino

The Russian Air Force Museum at Monino, 38 kilometres outside Moscow, is one of the finest
aviation museums in the world. Set amongst pine forest, on 20 acres of countryside, the museum is home to exhibits showing the development of flight in the USSR from 1909 to examples of modern aircraft flying in Russia today.

It is worth noting that the Museum is home to both civilian and military aviation and aeronautics. A walk from exhibit to exhibit is to trace the history and bravery of the designers and pilots who built and flew these wonderful machines.

The Museum started out life as a operational base for Soviet heavy bombers in 1932 and as home to the Soviet Air Force Academy – the equivalent of RAF Cranwell in the United Kingdom and the US Air Force Academy in El Paso.

Originally built on a farm on land owned by a Mr Monin; the owner donated both land and name to the nascent Soviet Air Force, as tens of thousands of workers transformed agricultural land and pine forest into a busy Soviet military town.

The base was closed in 1956 as the facilities had become outmoded. It was transformed from a front line military base into a repair station and then, after 2 years of reconstruction, opened in 1960 as the first Soviet Aviation Museum.

Now it home to thousands of aircraft and exhibits and provides the visitor with an unparalleled expose on early and modern Soviet and Russian aviation.

The group leaves Moscow from Taganksaya at 12h We plan to be back in the city around 18h  We travel to Monino in a comfortable mini van

Cost: 4700 rub