25 September Fire Show Festival

Fire Show Festival

Fire Show is generally a combination of circus, dance and other stage arts where the performers also use props on fire. Street theatres and some other performers will come to share their new productions. The festival takes place twice a year.

Specail guest of the Festival is «Theatre of the 4 elements» with the prize-winning «Romeo & Juliet» ballet with Fire.

The staging of the ˈRomeo and Julietˈ fire ballet takes the genre to a completely new level. This is a theatre scale performance with stunningly beautiful costumes, carefully selected musical accompaniment, faery fire and a stunning signature pyro technical show. The Fire Ballet is a sophisticated mix of ballet, circus and theatre arts. Professional stage equipment allows aerial gymnasts to spin above the firestorm. The contemporary rock interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic original enables this immortal creation in a completely new light.

The ˈRomeo and Julietˈ fire ballet sets a new standard in the world of performing arts.

An Award-winning composition that, received the 1st place and title of ˈThe Best Fire Showˈat the «Universal Fire Carnival» in 2014

Winners of the National Award «Grani Teatra Mass 2015» ( ˈBoundries of the popular theatreˈ)

* We will also have an opportunity to meet the producer of the show.

The spectators sit in an outdoors auditorium.

Answering your yet not asked question about the weather, I don’t know! 🙂 But, living in Russia for all my live, if I only went out when the weather is great and the sun is shining I would be spending most of my life indoors! It’s a fun event and let’s have some fun irrespective of the weather, you will enjoy it and this night will stay in your memory!

Cost: 5500 rub per ticket for adults and 3500 rub for children under 12 years old

Time: the event starts at 20h not far from Kievskaya metro and finishes around 23h

Please see some pictures and video from «Romeo & Juliet» ballet with Fire, the only in the world theatre scale production with fire and pyrotechnics!



Please see the winning performnace of the last season to have a better idea of what the Festival is about 🙂 It is quite atmospheric ))