27 July Chocolate Factory Visit

This is a great opportunity to try famous Russian chocolates and to visit the renowned chocolate factory.ПермьШоколадная1

The museum opened in 1994 and attracts more and more visitors every year, which is not surprising. So many people love chocolate!

Krasny Oktyabr (Red October) chocolate production was founded in 1851. This is a very famous brand in Russia. Tastes differ, but the majority of Russians believe we have the best chocolate in the world, so it is advisable not to argue on this point!:)

In the museum one can see an exhibition devoted to the history of chocolate: documents, pictures, sweet wrappers and chocolate adverts from the end of the XIX century.

We will be able to visit the Chocolates and Sweets  Halls, learn about technologies of chocolate production and observe the production process for chocolate. This is a very delicate process, so everybody will have to put on disposable dressing gowns , caps and shoe covers.

Time : 14.30h

Cost: 2500 rub

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