19 September Pirate Ship voyage for the International Pirates Day :)


To celebrate the International «Talk Like a Pirate Day»  we are organising a trip on a galleon! 


It’s like the «Black Pearl» (from Pirates of the Caribbean) but with fewer holes 😉  It is really cool )) Everybody can feel piratical, but instead of eye patches we will wear mouth patches 🙂 You can choose who we make «walk the plank» or who gets marooned 😉😂

As this is a pirate ship voyage, if you want you can dress up in pirate costumes. (This
is an excellent way of recycling your old Halloween costumes!) If everybody brings the right bottles we can sing ‘Yo-ho ho, and a bottle of rum!!”

The cost is 4900 rub per person. Duration 2h.

We can work within the social distancing rules as there are 2 decks with a lot of outside space.  Rum not included!