29 March GULAG Museum

This museum tells us about the darkest times in Soviet history.

Work (or Labour) Camps were created to break the will and keep under control those whose thoughts differed from the state ideology. However, the fight with free-thinkers was not the only reason for the camps…The Soviet state badly needed a working force to rebuild the country; the prisoners were free labour, they would work for a piece of bread and a glass of water. Thus, the reason to be sent to a GULAG could be ridiculously minor or non- existent at all. Nobody could or would question the disappearances for fear of disappearing themselves. It was the time of the great terror and great injustice where one in ten was sentenced.  GULAG camps existed everywhere in the country, including Moscow. People believed that the camps were located far away, in Siberia, but the truth was it was right here, in the very heart of the state.

When: we meet at 10h by the Pushkin monument (Pushkinskaya metro station)

Cost: 1200 rub per person

*A very limited number of places, confirmation of places availability 3 days before the tour