3 September Marzipan Master-class for children and adults

I invite you to the master class in sculpting from marzipan and vanilla mastic. You will learn to create bright colorful compositions from sweet and plastic almond mass. A cute bear cub, a fabulous unicorn or a prehistoric dinosaur – it’s up to you! J You can make a delicious marzipan treat with your own hands choosing from a wide variety of characters and plots. The composition from marzipan, made with your own hands, will be exciting for the whole family. The classes are conducted by the creators of the author’s technique «Marzipanotherapy,» which helps not only to introduce the basics of sculpting, but also give children and adults a good mood, mental harmony and self-confidence. It’s good for relaxation as making something with your own hands puts you in a meditative mood! J   It is easy and pleasant to sculpt from marzipan, and it doesn’t take much time! Only 30 minutes of your time and concentration on the task in hand, so even a child can partake!

Cost: 1500 rub per person

Ticket 2 adults + 1 child= 4200 rub

Ticket 2 adults + 2 children = 5000 rub

Ticket 2 adults + 3 children = 6000 rub

Departure from the embassy SG at 11.15h