30 January Life in the frozen North tour: Husky rides & more

Life in the frozen north

We will visit a husky farm close to Moscow where, for an afternoon, we will experience life in thefrozen Artic. We will be met by a Shaman who will introduce traditional games and the rituals of the indigenous northern Russian people. The Innuit (Russian Eskimo) trace their lineage back over 5000years and, while their populations are shrinking, they share a rich and ecologically balanced existence, in harmony with nature. It is far removed from typical life in 21 st century Europe.

Friendly, fluffy Huskies provide transport via a magical sled ride. The sledge seats two and you feellike you are flying across the snow, just hearing the panting of dogs and their soft paws padding over the snow.

The Shaman will present a fire-show by the bonfire.

We will test our hunting and fishing skills, by throwing wooden spears at targets and using bows. �� Just for fun, we will trial our strength with a tug-of-war, on the snow and ice!

A Huskie expert will explain their blue eyes, friendliness and other interesting facts. We will drink warming tea in a hut, sitting on bales covered in reindeer hide. You will have an opportunity to play and take pictures with these beautiful, good-natured dogs, making sure this visit stays in your memories. Warming Glu-wine is available for adults, as we wait for our sledge rides. We will share a Plov lunch by the bonfire.

The Husky site is located on a Fish Farm where they breed a lot of fish. The fare is typical for the northern Russian people, as their staple food is meat and fish, with very little fruit or vegetables. A nomadic lifestyle, extreme cold and logistics challenges have led to their unique diet.

Cost: 7900 rubles for adults and 6500 rubles for children up to 14 y

What is included: Mini-van transportation to the Farm, introduction by the shaman, fire show, games and trials, Husky sled rides, tea and biscuits in the yurt, Plov lunch and Glu- wine by the bonfire.