30 September Share the pain: Watching a professional ballet class

*The class will start at 11am and it lasts 1.15 min 

Many people love the ballet, but few get to see how a ballerina achieves greatness on stage. They are ethereal and beyond graceful, as the Prima Donna pirouettes before her audience. Pavlova, Nureyev, Nijinsky, Fonteyn and Copeland all have one thing in common, regardless of their country of birth, gender or the era they starred in. All worked incredibly hard to achieve stardom. A ballet dancer has to persevere daily, working under the all-seeing and unforgiving eye of the choreographer. It is something that few in the audience can ever appreciate first hand as the artistes are generally kept from view until they perform their magic! The effort, pain and struggle belongs to another world.

However, as I have the most unusual pleasure of inviting my clients to a watch an authentic ‘live’ lesson in one of Moscow’s premiere Ballet theatres, we can peel back the curtain on their ‘other’ world.   Laurent Hilaire,  Art Director of the Stanislavsky Theatre will conduct a ballet class where you will be able to understand the structure of the class and appreciate the work a dancer has to do daily, in order to achieve the levels of lightness, perfection and beauty on stage. Ballet classes are the fundamentals that constitute the dancers artform. It’s a myriad of movements dancers worldwide repeat daily, to be able to play their part in the staged performance you love when you watch a ballet unfold before your eyes in the theatre.

Laurent says that ballet class is basics, dictionary and grammar of the Dance. It has got to be repeated daily to be mastered.

Watching a ballet class in one of the best ballet theatres in the world is a truly unique opportunity, that I haven’t been able to offer before. Come along with your family and children to enjoy and understand better the wonderful world of ballet

Stanislavsky Theatre has parity with the Bolshoi Theatre in quality terms.