4 December Practical Moscow: Fresh produce from around the world

Fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world

Produce from various local farmers

Turkish delights & coffee

Vintage market


Hand made things from small workshops

Artisan chocolate

“Around the world in 80 minutes” is the concept of the bistro restaurants you can find here. Famous restaurant keepers recognise the importance of this place  for Muscovites. Here you will find United Kitchen by Andery Ryavkin, K-Town by Alexander Kana, Vietnamese cafe  Bô and so on. Here they cook Pekin duck, falafel and octopus, Armenian dolma, Moroccan tajin, burgers from the best meat in Russia and Dagestan flatbread.

When the market introduced the food courts idea, it became a popular meeting point for Muscovites.

The oldest and still modern and up-to –date, Danilovsky marketplace appeared in Moscow 7 centuries ago when Danilov monastery was built. The Fair survived all the way through the tzars and emperors, from Rurikovitchi to Romanov dynasty and finally because a true Russian market. Even the 37-th American President Richard Niхson fitted  the visit to the market in his busy schedule, so don’t miss out on this trip!

Danilovsky Market in Soviet times

13.00h from Pushkinskaya metro

Cost: 750 rub per person