5-9 December Watching the rocket launch at Baikonur

5-9  December, Watching the rocket launch!

We are inviting you to join an exclusive 5 day trip to legendary Baikonur Cosmodrome where you will observe the launch of rocket-carrier  “Soyuz».


We get all the necessary permissions and documents to enter restricted and closed for general public facilities. You will be able to touch and film everything! You will get memorable uniform that will remind you of this historical launch. There will be an astronaut onboard. Whilst the main team of astronauts is on quarantine, we will be accompanied by a different astronaut who will tell us first –hand about going into the space! We will participate in a training session “Stress Management” from the specialist working at the Astronauts Training Centre. We will participate in the parts of the “official” program , for example installing the rocket, press-conference, astronauts’ team report about being ready for launch, Chairman of the State Commission and the Chief Engineer! We will visit historical places at cosmodrome with the local guides. We will have a theme dinner at a yurt to immerse in Kazakh peoples culture. We will be in the great company of famous people, successful businessmen, friends and relatives of former and current astronauts . And, of course, the icing on the cake, the unforgettable launch of “Soyuz”. We will be watching the launch in the front rows!

5 December

9 am departure from Moscow

14:30 – flying into Baikonur

15:30 – Checking-in the Hotel

17:00 –  Tour of Baikonur, visiting the central Museum and the Central market, free time

20:00 – Dinner at Baikonur Complex

6 December

05:30 – Breakfast

06:15 – Transfer to Cosmodrome

07:00 – The rocket –launcher gets out of the airshed, launch field N 112

08:30 – Transfer to the launch field, placing the rocket-launcher “Soyuz” at the start table

12:00 – Lunch at the Hotel Restaurant “Seven winds”

14:00 – Visiting the launching complex of «Buran-Enery” (from 100 metres away) and the launching complex of “Nedelin” ( the place of Marshal Nedelin death)

17:00 – Going into steppe. Traditional dinner in the yurt.

21:00 –Transfer to the Hotel

7 December

07:00 – Sports training session by an astronaut of  Gagarin  ATC ( Austranaut Training Centre) 09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Transfer to Cosmodrome

10:30 – Start field of rocket launcher “Proton” , fiend N 250 and rocket launcher “Energy” , field N 110

12:30 – Visiting the control and command  post of  rocket-launcher “Energy”, field N 250A (N60)

14:30 – Lunch at «Starry Heavens” restaurant

16:00 – Cosmodrome Museum (Musem, “Buran”)

17:30 – Transfer to the Hotel

18:30 – Austranaut press-conference at “Austranaut” Hotel

19:30 – Dinner at the restaurant

8 December

08:00 – Breakfast

09:30 – “Stress Management” training session. Methods of astronaut preparation program.

12:00 – Festive Gala to mark sending the astronaut team  into the space, Hotel “Astronaut”

13:00 – Walking the historical “Austranaut Alley”

13:30 – Transfer to Cosmodrome, field N 254

14:00 – Lunch either at the restaurant of “Seven winds” Hotel or at Cosmodrome (lunch-boxes)

15:30 – The crew team walks out wearing spacesuits, reporting being ready for launch

16:30 – Visiting Cosmodrome Museum Complex (houses of Korolev and Gagarin) , field N 2

Free Time

18:30 – Transfer to the Observation Point

18:56 – Rocket launch

19:30 – Transfer to the Hotel

20:30 – Gala at the “Arsenal” restaurant

9 December

06:00 – Breakfast

07:00 – Transfer to the airport

Whist you have free time you will watch the films “The time of the First Ones” and “Salut-7” ; meet a RosCosmos Autranaut and listen to a lecture form the Space Training Centre Specialists on the topic how they form a crew team for the lengthy flight


The tour cost includes:

Staying in “Sputnik” Hotel (not available for «free» booking), it’s an official hotel where the astronauts stay

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Baikonur complex and in the city restaurants

Access permissions to all the “closed for the general public” facilities, you will be able to touch things and make pictures

Tours of historical places at Baikonur with experienced local accredited guides

Visiting the Memorial complex at Baikonur (Cosmonauts museum, Yuri Gagarin House, Orbital Spaceship “Buran”

And, finally, the unforgettable view of “Soyuz” rocket-carrier launch! Our group watches it as close as possible, in the first rows!

A nice bonus to that is the great company, because you will spend time with famous people, successful businessmen, friends and relatives of former and present astronauts.

This is going to be one of the most breath-taking trips you have ever joined!

Staying in a comfortable hotel “Sputnik” you will be right there, where all the things are happening!

You will also fly with a special charter flight TU 204 with the state commission, which means you will land at closed airfield of “Krainii”, 15 min away from the Hotel (as opposed to flying there on your own with a change and than having to do a 300 km transfer) Which is also possible if the charter flight doesn’t work for you for some reason. The transfer from the regular airport can also be organised upon request.

The cost includes


-staying in the hotel

-visiting unique facilities



-watching the rocket launch

The charter flight is from Vnukovo-3 airport. The flight is 3h. Business class food on board. We go there on the 5th December,  and we are back in the morning of the 9th December ( because of the time difference we leave in the morning and we are back in Moscow also in the morning)

Cost: 295 000 rub lux accommodation in “Sputnik” Hotel; 155 000 rub, regular comfort accommodation in “Sputnik” Hotel

Special Charter Flight: 85 000 rub   If you choose to fly on your own we will organise your transfer