5 July Old Moscow Tour

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We will start with the visit to the Cathedral Square in the Kremlin to watch the Change of the Guard on backhorse ceremony.

We will proceed to the Red Square to have a brief overview of its history followed by a lunch in the Soviet Canteen restaurant in the famous GUM building.

Then we will walk down one of the Oldest streets of Moscow. Have you ever walked down Varvarka Street? Situated very close to the Kremlin, it is remarkable as practically every other building is a church. If you are interested in how Moscow looked 500 years ago, it is definitely worth while visiting Chambers in Zaryadie, a residence of teh Aristocratic Romanov family before Mikhail Fedorovich became the Russian Tzar. We will discover one of the richest Russian homes of the XV century. It is the equivalent of an English castle, built in a hill which provided natural protection from attackers.

When: we meet at 11 o’clock by the Zukov Monument on Manaznaya Square

Cost: 1500 rub per person (tickets to all the Museums are included)