21 February Winter Sports in a Moscow «snow oasis»

Moscow is not generally synonymous with the word ‘oasis’ and even less so when you combine the imagery with that of a winter wonderland. Despite the literary challenge, this is exactly what we have in the form of our newest snow escapades!

When we arrive at our venue and turn our backs upon the Moscow skyline, we could be in a snowy oasis, looking across a frozen lake, dotted with ice skaters with a panoramic view of frozen woods in the distance.

We are immediately adjacent to the slopes which include a ski run, snow board run and the exhilarating ‘tube,’ where you dive down the slope on an inflatable, picking up speed and hoping you are not going to flip over into the banks of snow either side. Of course, you don’t crash, but it is still an adrenaline rush and something that will keep the younger visitors entertained for as long as they can slide.

This is no mere slope, but a fully kitted snow sports centre with a network of lifts that drag you back up the hill, so you can start the fun all over.  Instructors are on hand to provide lessons and guidance.  If you are a black run ski enthusiast then the skiing is probably too easy but for fun, it takes some beating, in the city itself.

In addition to the skiing, snow boarding and tube, there is the opportunity of trekking through the adjacent forest on snow bikes, which is hugely popular and exciting this time of year. The bikes will power you through deep pristine snow, amongst Russia’s synonymous fir forests. The trek is both exhilarating and beautiful as you take in the stark, snow covered tree lines.

This is followed by traditional food from Uzbekistan, Georgia and/or Russia served adjacent to the traditional Banya. Yes! Not just the fun of the slopes but a sauna afterwards that goes to 130°… Of course, a Russian banya is no banya at all, unless you roll in a snow drift straight afterwards. For the hardy, we have an ice hole, cut in the frozen lake and wooden steps leading down into the cold waters. The water is over 1m 40 deep. You probably do not want to know, but the water temperature now is 4°C!! If you are brave enough and take the plunge, you can call yourself a ‘walrus’ like all the Russians who take on the freezing challenge!

The tour departs from Moscow at 10 am

Ski or snow board lesson 1 h

«Tube» rides 1h (children)

Snow mobiles 1h (adults)

Banya + Uzbekistan/ Georgian or Russian lunch + jumping in the ice hole!  2 h

Costs are: 13 500 rub for adults and 9500 rub for children under 14 years old

We travel to the location in a comfortable mini van