7 June KGB-FSB Border Guard Museum

Fsb Museum, Kgb Museum, Unusual Museums, border guard Museum, tours in English, English speaking guideThe museum was founded in 1914 inSt Petersburg and was transferred to Moscow in 1932. The museum aims to explain people about the border guard service. You will learn how the territory of the Russian Federation changed in time and how our borders were formed. Different conceptions of border guarding prevailed in different times.

This is a unique for Russia. The Museum collection has over 70 000 items. Among those are suitcases in which they tried to get out of the Soviet Union the spies, pens that fire (James Bond stuff!) flags, rewards, weapons, FSB border guard uniform, counterfeit items, personal affairs of czars, emperors and ministers who either contributed in expanding the Russian borders or in « upgrading »  the security services.

When: We meet at Kitai-Gorod metro station at 10.40h

Cost: 1250 rub