June Tour of St Petersburg

8 June  23.30h departure from Moscow Arrival into St Pete  08.30h on the 9th June

12 June 23.30h departure from St Pete  08.30h arrival into Moscow on the 13th June

June 9 , Thursday 

11 am City tour

We will see the most known and visited cathedrals of St Petersburg

Magestic Issakievsky Cathedral

And surrounded by legends Cathedral on Spilt Blood

We will see Petropavlovskays fortress where Romanov dynasky tzars are buried

( I can email you are more detailed tour program for the City tour)

19.30-20.30h Faberge Museum visit



June 10, Friday 

9 am departure from the hotel, 1h to drive to the town of Pushkin previously known as «Tsarskoe selo» (the Traz’s village)

This amazing little place hosts Catherine’s Palace with Amber Chamber that doesn’t need advertising! 🙂 It’s a true gem!

10.00-12.30h Tour of the Palace and the park, which is especially beautiful in summer.

13.00-14.30h  Having visited the Palace and the park we will head for lunch to a restaurant with good ambience built in Russian «Izba» (traditional house style)

We then will visit another small town of Pavlovsk (named after Paul I)

Pavlovsk Palace is built in a completely different style. The emperor’s wife Maria Fedorovna preferred something more classical…

15.00-17.00h Tour of the Palace and a quick visit of the park

18h back in St Pete

Rest at the Hotel/ Change and/or dinner at the restaurant before taking on to our next adventure of enjoying the «white nights» on a night boat.

We will listen to jazz music and see the most beautiful illuminated drawbrides of St Pete! Our Nornen Capital is famous for those!:)

23.50-02.30 am   Jazz night on the boat

Another idea for this evening (if you still are full of energy in between the Palaces tours and the Jazz night)

* there is an option of watching «Princess of Circus» operetta in the unique interiors of Usupov Palace «Home Theatre» on this night. This is quite special though I believe it would be a little too much 🙂 for 1 day. In addition, we will visit Usupov Palace with a comprehensive tour on a different day.

11 June , Saturday

Our «Meteor» boat departs from St Pete at 10 am. This is a Russian development, a quick boat on hydrowings. Our trip will last 30 min.

Again, Petergof is another place that doesn’t need advertising, it’s a «must see». Russian emperors enjoyed nature and built a few amazingly luxurious palaces in St Petersburg’s surburbs. They are as important to see as St Pete itself.

One can just imagine Russian emperors and aristocracy walking down those paths…

Enjoying the chill coming from the fountains on a hot summery day…

Or hiding from that sun in the amazing Grottos…

As always, there is more to see in this place 🙂 But you will have to trust my choice 🙂 Our route will include the Palace, Lower Park and Grottos, which are the most interesting places in my humble opinion 🙂

We will make a break for lunch and head back into St Pete with our Mereor boat at around 17.30h-18h

Rest at the Hotel/ Change and/ or heading straight for dinner at one of St Pete’s numerous good restaurants.

On this night there is also a possibility to watch a show called «Feel like a Russian» in Nikolaevsky Palace. The show is in the process of confirmation and will take place if there is enough demand. For obvious reasons (Russians already feel like Russians and don’t need a show for that :), it mostly used to be popular with the foreign visitors to St Pete…

Nikolaevsky Palace picture below

June 12,  Sunday

Jusupov Palace is, without doubt, one of the most gorgeous palaces not only in St Petersburg, but in Russia. It is just splendid.

You probably know Yusupov becuase of the plot against Rasputin…

We will see the gala rooms on the second floor; learn the Rasputin story and see count’s private rooms 


The Palace alos boasted a spectacular «home theatre»

Just imagine that in your home for the private shows to entertain your family and guests!

We will need to replenish our forces after all this breathtaking beauty 🙂 Lunch break.

And,  practically the last but definitely not the least on our program is out visit to the world-famous Hermitage!


And one more thing before our departure which I also deem worthwhile doing…

Russia has always been famous for ballet and Moscow’s Bolshoi and St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre always rivaled at who is the best. In the Soviet Union times Galina Ulanova, the biggest star of Soviet ballet, worked at Mariinsky and was ordered to relocated to Moscow and perform at the Bolshoi…

The only night we can see ballet at Mariinsky is the 12th June. It’s an intense program, but I still suggest going for this 🙂 In addition, it’s more «cost effective» than at the Bolshoi 😉

Thank you, St Pete for all this beauty that just takes your breath away! You will forever stay in our hearts! 🙂